Live from the Mojave (Updated) (Posted 5 June 2012, 08:10pm)
35.1271, -118.4504

Talking to Jim.

A few days ago the trail followed a dirt road along the Los Angeles aqueduct. I don't usually listen to music since it might cover the sound of a rattle snake but being on a road I could clearly see where I was stepping. This meant that my phone was on while I was walking for only the second time on the trip. I got quite a fright when it started ringing!

It was a New Zealand number so I thought I had better answer. It turned out to be Radio New Zealand National wanting to do another interview. We arranged the interview time before the line cut out. It was extremely windy which was effecting the reception so we continued on, keeping an eye out for a sheltered spot.

We found a suitable place and had dinner before Marcus headed off to leave me to it. It was great to talk to Jim who is starting to feel like a long lost friend and the phone connection went the distance. It was quite surreal talking to New Zealand from the edge of the Mojave desert!

I had assumed I was alone so got another fright when I heard swearing in Spanish nearby. There was a shack not far off that housed a shepherd. I suddenly felt very alone and vulnerable so quickly packed up my things. He seemed friendly though, I waved and yelled hola and got a friendly response.

As I was heading off I yelled ciao to which the shepherd replied ciao, amigo. This exchange set his three dogs after me, but when he didn't call them back I assumed they were friendly. They just wanted to check me out and lick my legs. I left this scene and charged off into the twilight to catch up with Marcus.

The shepherd's house.


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